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We believe in making people shine. We believe in innovation and creating opportunities for our clients that are different. We believe in team work. We believe in loyalty and respect for others. How do we implement that in our business model? 

We have created a proprietary show format that gives each brand an opportunity to shine through a big production that is out of the ordinary. We do fashion differently, embracing the individuality of each brand and designer, while implementing them into a bigger vision that includes dancers, singers, & cirque artists. Each brand stands solo, while the audience is given an experience that includes a storyline that is created with each collection in mind. The concept is based on team work and a collective spirit, while every designer and brand shine bright on their own. 

We have created partnerships with media, stores, influencers, stylists and other fashion industry people. We have found a great balance between consumers and fashion insiders and have proven the ability to incorporate all of the above mentioned in our audiences, team players and loyal supporters.  


THE JOURNEY FASHION FESTIVAL™ produces a spectacular show featuring international designers, models, performers, sponsors, and global brands from countries worldwide, promoting a message that “inclusion” is the way forward.

In a world of unrest and uncertainty, the need to stand together and create a world of inclusion and diversity has never been more prevalent. The Journey Fashion Festival’s mission is to make brands from around the world accessible to all, being inclusive, create opportunities outside of the normal fashion realm, and produce entertaining shows with broad appeal. Using a proprietary format and a cooperative vibe, brands get to show their individual collections while being part of a larger vision interacting on a global level that transcends Fashion Week.


Always a conversation piece

The Journey’s vibe is a fabulous Fashion Show meets Cirque de Soleil meets a Rock Concert meets a Broadway Show. Designers can choose which level to commit to, which dictates the number of “looks” and length of their individual shows, as well as participation in the surrounding Fashion Festival elements such as The Lounges, The Web Platform, and The Agency. 

Every season has a mix of internationally acclaimed designers, emerging designers, and designers who are superstars in their own countries.  This makes the show appeal to a wide audience including buyers, editors, and press. 

Designers and Brands such as Christian Lacroix, Project Runway’s Layana Aguilar, Minan Wong, along with Red Bull, Essentia, Redken, and Douglas Elliman have been part of The Journey. The show is an extravagant affair. A continuous visual journey, with no rules except each designer gets their own “show within a show”. Like a chapter in a book. The full show has an underlying story line, is creatively choreographed to compliment each collection and season. 


The Journey Fashion Festival is not only part of the world renowned Fashion Week in New York, we also do other markets and create opportunities that are innovative and one of a kind. In collaboration with Pink Pirate Agency and under the creative direction of Malena Belafonte, we have been leaders in innovative concepts from partnering with real estate companies, to premiering TV shows, to helicopters on the runway to flying press into secret locations all in the name of our brands and to create exciting experiences that are bound to stand out for years to come. Our brands can choose to become part of The Journey Family in different ways. Each brand has their own individual journey.


Each season we highlight a cause that affects millions of people, such as gun violence, and we partner up with companies to get the messages out along with a call to action



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