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With a radical paradigm shift happening within the fashion industry, Malena Belafonte has created The Journey Fashion Festival™, a platform for established and emerging international designers alike, giving them a high profile presence during Fashion Week in both NY and Los Angeles as well as other markets throughout the year, in a new proprietary and innovative format.

THE PINK PIRATE AGENCY (PPA) is looking to bring this upbeat, multidimensional cultural platform to cities nationwide, drawing broad national and international exposure while giving local designers, vendors, businesses and brands the opportunity to share their talent, art, and offerings with the Journey’s international designers and performers attracting a plethora of  attendees and press.

This "fashion week on tour" concept provides opportunities for local brands and designers to showcase their collections on the stage of The Journey during New York Fashion Week, and in other Markets providing a solid opportunity for cities to become part of the international entertainment, fashion, art, and music stage.

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